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Help your kids be safe around water!

Ms. Pam instructing a student on back-floating.

Pam's SOS was started for two reasons. First was the need to have quality, convenient swim lessons in Central Phoenix. Second was a way for Pam to stay home with her 3 boys and do something she has a passion for and loves.

Pam's SOS teaches safety first. Our pool was designed for swim lessons. There is an extra large second step for little ones to hang out safely while our instructors are working with another child. There are built in benches in all corners of the pool. It was also built with an extra high edge.

Our most rewarding classes are the 3 and under, Little Seahorses. When a Little Seahorse rolls over and back floats with no help. Or they swim unassisted to the edge and climb out. This makes us very happy because one more child is a little safer around water. Swim lessons do not take the place of parental supervision, but they do help.

Always watch your children around water!

Testimony from a client

I want to thank you for such a great experience for Tate's first swim lesson :)  We had such an awesome time and you are a great teacher.  I knew Tate and I were lucky to have found you but I didn't realize how lucky until last week.  Wanting to keep Tate involved in swimming through the winter, I checked out a popular swim school out in East Valley.  Although the pool was nice and warm, the lesson and "coaching" didn't hold a candle to the wonderful time we had with you.  I couldn't believe how impersonal and rushed the whole lesson was ... and if I hadn't already kind of known what I was doing (thanks to you), I would have been scared out of my mind.  I was really blown away at how bad it was.  Needless to say, we didn't sign up.  All of this to say ......... you are awesome and thanks for the great experience.
Stephannie & Tate

Pam's SOS   522 W. Marlette Ave   Phoenix, AZ 85013     (602) 973-4552

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